Will shampooing of hair every day lead to increase in hair fall?

Is it healthy to shampoo my hair every day or will it lead to increase hair fall?

Shampooing of the hair has a lot of myths associated with them. People often think that shampooing leads to increase hair fall and will make their scalp and hair dry. This leads to a decreased shampooing practice in the society with people cleansing their scalp to as less as once in a week. But like our body, our scalp also needs cleansing of dirt and oils on a regular basis. The scalp produces its own oils from the oil glands present on the scalp. This oil attracts dirt and makes your scalp greasy and dirty. So it is a good practice to clean your scalp every day.
The thing that we need to understand here is that the shampoos are meant to cleanse your scalp and have a limited role to play on the hair strands. Cleansing your scalp on a daily basis using a chemical or sulphate free shampoo will remove the unwanted dirt and debris from the scalp thus keeping it clean and healthy thus creating an environment favorable for hair growth.
People mostly are scared of losing some hair during shampoo. We need to understand that losing around 50-100 hair per day is a normal occurrence and there is nothing to we worried about in it. Hair on our scalp are in the various phase of hair cycle and a small proportion of these hair is in the shedding phase. We mistakenly perceive this as the increased hair fall during shampoo.
It also is important to choose a shampoo suitable for your scalp and also which can be used on a daily basis. Choose a shampoo which is mild cleanser and free from harmful chemicals like sulphates. Those who are suffering from dandruff should use an anti-dandruff shampoo, preferably a Dermatologist recommended product. Those who are experiencing dryness of hair a conditioner can be used but only on the hair stands and not on the scalp. Also you should avoid using hot irons and heating or curling agents.
In case you experience hair fall which you perceive as excessive to what you normally experience or have any other doubts regarding the health of your scalp and hair, always feel free to take advice from your Dermatologist/Trichologist.