Pain during Hair Transplant Surgery: Why it Occurs, When it Occurs and How to Reduce the Pain?

Pain during Hair Transplant Surgery: Why it Occurs, When it Occurs and How to Reduce the Pain?

Pain during hair transplant surgery, this is the most important and one of the most frequently asked questions by the patients who are undergoing hair transplant surgery. So today, I’m going to explain to you about the pain that is felt during the hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant is not considered to be a very painful procedure, but still you might feel a little bit of pain on the day of the surgery and also this may persist one to two days after the surgery. So, I’m going to explain why and when this pain will occur and what can we do to reduce the pain?

1. Pain during hair transplant surgery –

So let us first discuss the intra operative pain or pain during surgery. During hair transplant surgery (which lasts for around 10 to 12 hours) you will feel pain only for 10 to 15 minutes in total. After this you will not feel any pain and the whole surgery will be relatively painless. So the pain during the surgery is mostly because of the anaesthesia injections. Similar injections are given to you in cases of tooth extraction and minor stitching of the skin. So to reduce this pain due to anaesthesia, we give nerve blocks. So in nerve blocks, you give less number of injections eg in case of hair transplant we give nerve blocks over the forehead (2 injections, just above the eyebrows) to avoid giving multiple painful injections close to the hairline.

Similarly nerve block injections are given in the donor area to avoid giving multiple injections. So this method of giving anaesthesia makes the surgery very very comfortable but still if somebody’s apprehensive or scared of the needles then, we usually apply a numbing cream few hours before the surgery. So this numbing cream will make the further injections, very very comfortable. Also while giving injections, we apply a vibration device on your skin. So due to the presence of this vibration device your body will perceive the vibration sense and not the pain sensation.

Similar techniques of anaesthesia along with a numbing cream can also be used for the beard area extraction and extraction from the other body parts. So after these 10 15 minutes, you will not feel any pain during the surgery and you will be conscious and completely oriented as this is just local anaesthesia, which makes your scalp numb and your rest of the body will be entirely conscious. We generally give pain killers before and during the surgery which will also take care of some amount of the pain. Also, you will feel a pinprick on your forearm, when we give you injections to test the allergies against the local anaesthesia.

2. Pain after the hair transplant surgery( Post-operative pain)

Now, let’s discuss pain after the surgery. Pain after the hair transplant surgery is usually mild and it usually affects the donor area. So in cases of FUE this pain will last for around one to two days and after that it will subside. In cases of FUT this pain in the donor area may last for around 7 to 10 days and in some cases it may last longer. Also this pain in FUE is very very mild and is usually taken care of by the normal painkillers that we usually prescribe to our patients.

Few patients may not even require the normal painkillers. Also, you will not feel much pain on the recipient area or the transplanted area as this area becomes a little bit numb after the surgery for the next 2-3 months.  But yes, you may feel a little bit of itching in this recipient area which generally resolves by simple medicines.

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