How to choose a clinic for your laser hair reduction procedure

What is LASER Hair Reduction and how to choose a good clinic for this procedure ?

Laser hair reduction (LHR) is common procedure done to get rid of unwanted hair growth on the body. Though there are many other common ways to get rid of these hair like waxing, threading, depilation etc. but LHR is a method which helps you to have a hair free skin for a longer period of time. It is increasingly becoming a common practice amongst men and women to opt for LHR to avoid the hassles of frequent shaving and waxing.
The mechanism behind LHR is the use of Laser light of a particular wavelength to target the pigment (melanin) in the root of the hair. The laser causes destruction of the hair by targeting this pigment. It is for this reason that the grey or white hair are resistant to the action of conventional LHR procedure.
The best candidates for a LHR procedure are the ones who are fair skinned and have thick and dark hair growth. However, now with the advancement of technology Laser devices are becoming available to treat the skin with darker color and hair of all color and thickness.
For getting the best results one needs to undergo 6-8 sessions at periodic intervals. The time gap between two sessions depends upon the hair growth rate and next session should preferably be undertaken once full growth is present. In between the sessions one can shave his/her hair but waxing and depilation should better be avoided.
There are a large number of clinics offering LHR at various prices and using a wide range of machines. Do check :
• Whether the clinic you are trying to opt for has a certified dermatologist to assess you before you undergo the procedure.
• Also you should always mention any other skin or hormonal issue to your dermatologist before the procedure.
• The technician that would be performing the procedure should also be trained in the procedure.
• The Laser machine being used should be suitable for your skin type.
• The price for a single session and also for the whole package (6-8 sessions) should not fall heavy on your pocket.
Only when you have made sure that all the criteria are fulfilled to your satisfaction, one should go for LHR from a particular clinic. LHR is a very safe procedure in qualified and experienced hands and can give a smooth hair free skin experience.
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