Is a Hair Transplant Permanent?

“Are my hair transplant results going to be permanent?”

This is one question that most of the patients ask me during a hair transplant consultation.

And strictly speaking, the answer is “no”.

There are 2 factors which can cause thinning of your transplanted hair

  1. Age-related thinning (minor, very common)- The hair used for a hair transplant are usually extracted from the backside of your head/ neckbeard or chest.
    This hair also undergoes a little bit of thinning with increasing age. If you look at your father/ grandfather’s hair( on the back of the head or beard), they’ll still be good but most likely will be a little bit thinner than your hair.
  2. Recipient dominance (significant thinning, but very rare)- The hair (from donor area) that are used for a hair transplant are usually resistant to DHT(dihydrotestosterone, a male hormone responsible for baldness).
    So they usually don’t become thin even when they’re transplanted to the balding area (donor dominance). But, very rarely, the transplanted hair may start behaving like the hair in the recipient area and may start becoming thin (recipient dominance)

So how much thinning can you expect over the course of your lifetime? Is there a solution?

This thinning can be pretty negligible if you decide to use some lotions or tablets which can preserve this hair and reduce the effects of DHT/ ageing on hair. Even if you decide not to use any treatment at all, the thinning of the transplanted hair will be usually very slow and will happen over decades(though rarely it may happen faster with recipient dominance, which I have explained above).


In a large majority of patients, the transplanted hair maintain most of the thickness throughout life. And even though hair may have a tendency to get significantly thinner with age in a few of the patients, it can be prevented easily with the help of a few medicines.