How to choose a hair transplant surgeon – A 3 step guide

Basics – Hair transplant – take hair from the “permanent” regions(eg. back of the scalp) and implant where they are needed.

FUE (follicular unit extraction) – groups of 1-4 hair are removed individually by a small punch and transplanted to the front of scalp

FUT (follicular unit transplant) – a strip of skin with hair roots is removed from the back of head, hair roots are separated and implanted.

Step- 1 – Eligibility and extent –  Stage 2a onwards and those above 24 years of age are candidates . However exceptions do exist as younger patients with a relatively higher grade MAY BE taken up as they are already “stable” as far as their hair loss is concerned.

Norwood grading

Hair required

grade                                                                                       follicular units                                     with crown

III Vertex1800-26002600-3200



Step 2 – FUE before FUT

Your first procedure? Go for FUE.

Ready for the second round? – FUT maybe.

There are many pros and cons for both the procedures, but the ones that would make us choose FUE without a doubt would be these.

Reasons- 1. FUE post op pic

FUT post op pic

  1. With FUT be assured to throw 5 -15% of your donor hair to the dustbin.

The hair lying in the dormant (invisible) stages (exogen + telogen) could range anywhere from 5 -15%. These are invisible to the human eye and so the strip removed in FUT essentially removes these follicles also and are hence lost forever.


Step – 3  – Find the doctor.


  • Expertise – Please ensure that only a qualified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon is the person operating on you. ( Obvious? You’ll be shocked to know how many technitians/ physiotherapists / dentists are doing hair transplants in India)
  • Budget – usual costs in India range from Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 3,00,000 depending usually on the number of hair required, expertise and the running costs of the clinic in question.
  • The cost charged per follicle is usually 30 – 100/ follicle (scalp FU – 30 -70 , body FU – 70 – 100)

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