Hair transplant – in 4 simple steps

Hair transplant – in 4 simple steps.

  1. Anaesthesia – First of all, the patient is given local anaesthesia to decrease pain during the procedure. Initially, local anaesthetics in the form of creams are applied on the eyebrows and the rear side of the patient’s head / donor area and left like that for around 40 minutes to decrease the pain of injections to a minimum ( this step may not be followed by all doctors to save some time ). After this, the eyebrows, recipient and donor areas are injected with local anaesthetic drugs. Learn more about the anaesthesia technique here.
  2. Slit creation – Small holes are created in the recipient area of the scalp. These slits are to be made in specific direction and at certain densities so as to give the best results. Learn more here.
  3. Extraction of follicular units – hair follicles are then removed by one of the two procedures – FUE or FUT ( follicular unit extraction or transplantation ) respectively. A follicular unit is a naturally occurring group of 1 to 4 hairs.

FUE –  hair are extracted one by one using a rotating punch ( a small cylindrical instrument).

More about FUE here.

FUT – a strip of skin is removed from the back of head. Hair are dissected from this strip into small follicular units.

More about FUT here.

  1. Implantation – the follicular units are then implanted in the recipient area of scalp with follicular units with 1 hair being at the front and those with 2 – 4 hair being placed behind these. Learn more.




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