Follicular unit extraction is a technique used for hair transplantation, in which a very small cylindrical punch is used to extract follicular units directly from the donor area of scalp.
Follicular unit: Human hairs are arranged in groups of one to four hairs on the scalp and these groups are known as follicular units.
Donor area: Usually this involves the sides and back of your scalp which is resistant to the action of hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and therefore hairs in this region are permanent.
Other donor areas: Beard and body hair can also be extracted using FUE.
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1. Patients can wear short hairs.
2. Scars are very small in size and are not apparent easily.
3. Healing of donor area occurs in only 2-3 days
4. Less invasive in nature.
5. Less pain after the surgery.
6. Patients sleep better after surgery and are able to return to work and their daily activities more speedily.
7. Partially transected hair will regrow.
8. It is better suited technique for eyebrow and beard reconstruction.
9. Hairs are picked selectively according to the requirement of the surgeon.
1. It takes more time as compared to FUT (follicular unit transplantation).
2. May require multiple sessions.
3. Very fine trimming of the donor hair may be unacceptable to few patients.
* These can be minimized by a competent hair transplant surgeon.
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  1. Hi, Sir. I am Anil, from Nepal. I’m just 23year. My has become thin in upper middle section. My hair fall has stopped but i want dense hair. So could i get any help from u?

  2. Hello Doctor,

    I am Vinayak from Mumbai. I am 27 years old and have lost most of the hairs on the top area. I am looking forward to have hair transplant. Please help me with the procedure and cost.

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