Female pattern hair loss: Types, Diagnosis and Treatment

Female pattern hair loss

Female pattern hair loss is a type of hair loss which occurs in the form of:

  • Hair loss located over the top of your head with preservation of hairline. (Ludwig scale)
  • Widening of partition. (Olsen scale)
  • Male pattern hair loss (in some cases)

Diagnosis of Female Pattern Hair Loss

  • Usually clinical examination is sufficient to make a diagnosis in female pattern hair loss.
  • Any associated features indicative of underlying hormonal imbalance such as menstrual irregularity, unwanted hair growth on face, pimples, weight etc are seen.
  • A skin biopsy may be required in some patients to confirm the diagnosis.
  • In addition, few blood tests and ultrasonography may be required to rule out any hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, poly cystic ovarian disease etc.

Treatment Options for Female Pattern Hair Loss

  • Medical therapy
  • lotion application
  • Oral drugs in selected cases.
  • Hair Growth Treatment
  • Correction of nutritional deficiencies if any (iron, vitamin supplements).
  • Surgical treatment
  • Hair transplant by Follicular unit extraction (FUE) or Follicular unit transplant (FUT).