Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant

Hair is the definition of beauty for one self and for women, good and healthy long hair have become a social norm and paints their picture in the society. It is probably for such reasons that brunt of hair thinning and loss in women is much more severe as compared to men. The causes of hair loss in women are less well understood and more difficult to treat also. When it comes to hair transplant in women, a very judicious and calculated approach is required at the end of the treating dermatologist to restore the balance of hair.

Who are the ideal candidates for female hair transplant?

  • Patients who have suffered a trauma in the form of burn or an accidents or a head surgery in the past.
  • Patients with scarring alopecia e.g. Lupus or Lichen Plano Pilaris but the disease is not active for more than an year.
  • Individuals who have a broad forehead and wish to bring down their hairline a bit.
  • Patients with progressive Female Pattern Hair Loss.

What is the Technique?

Bio-FUE with instant implantation is the technique used at the Dermaone Clinic to restore the hair volume in the patients.
In this Technique, grafts are harvested from the donor area and the implantation is done simultaneously to minimise the loss of grafts which can happen in conventional Bio-FUE due to a prolonged out of the body time.

What to do before undergoing a female hair transplant

Making a decision of hair transplant in a female is tough for both the patient and surgeon. A thorough clinical and laboratory evaluation is to be done in all female patients to rule out any hormonal or nutritional abnormality. In case any abnormality is detected, it is must be corrected it before carrying out the hair transplant in females. Prior to the transplant, patient may be asked to continue with the medical management for a due period of time considered appropriate by the Dermatologist.

What are the key points in female hair transplant?

  • Females have a rounded and low hair line as compared to males and it is necessary to design the hairline keeping these factors in mind.
  • The hair loss in women is more of a generalised type on the scalp i.e. they lose the hair from all over the scalp and thus do not have well defined donor area as compared to men.
  • Genetics play an obvious role in the female pattern hair loss but other factors like nutritional deficiency and hormonal irregularities are a major cause in FPHL and need to be ruled out as well as corrected before the hair transplant.
  • The angulation and orientation of hair in female is quite different than in males and needs to be assessed carefully.
  • Shaving of head is tough in women which makes it all the more difficult to perform a hair transplant in females.

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