Anti Ageing

Anti Ageing

As the age increases, the skin looses its laxity and becomes thin. There starts to appear fine wrinkles which with ageing become more coarse and permanent. Anti Ageing care of the skin needs to be started early to delay the process of ageing. We at Dermaone have a team of dedicated Dermatologists to look after your skin and help it looks more supple and youthful. Our Dermatologists are well experienced in performing the most efficacious and latest innovative treatments. A single procedure or a combination approach may be opted for you to bring out the best results.
Various procedures done include Chemical peels, LASERS, MNRF, Vampire facelifts, Thread-lifts, Nefertiti lift, Anti ageing injections(Anti Wrinkle Injections,Dermal Fillers).

Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti Wrinkle injections are used to treat wrinkles which appear on your face when you give expressions (smile, frown etc).

The Dermatologists at Dermaone Clinic assess each patient carefully and thoroughly, as the extent of wrinkles and the dosage requirement is different in each individual.

What Anti Wrinkle Injections?

It uses a compound called which helps relax the muscle and thus decreases the appearance of wrinkles.
It has long been used for treatment of many simple medical ailments like excessive sweating, severe pain.

What are the areas treated by anti wrinkle injections?

The most common areas where it can be used in aesthetic practices are the forehead (Glabellar lines), around the eyes (Crowfeet), Nasolabial fold, marionette lines, angle of the jaws, lifting of the brows, necklines.

How much time does the procedure take?

It is simple office based procedure taking about 15-30 min only. The patient can attend to his/her daily activities immediately after the procedure.

How long does the result take to develop?

The effect can be seen about 5-7 days after the injections are given.

How long does the result of anti wrinkle injections last?

It last for about 4-6 months depending upon the area that is treated and also upon the activity of the muscle.

Dermal Fillers

As the age advances skin over the face looses its thickness and becomes thin. The loss in volume becomes evident in the form of sagged cheeks , drooping of lip angles , formation of hollows or bags under the eyes and loss of contour of the jaw line. These can be treated with the use of our Dermal Fillers

What are Dermal Fillers?

Demal Fillers are injections which help in restoring the lost volume and help contouring the face because of their filling properties. Some fillers also act as a stimulating force and helps lay down new collagen which may contribute to its prolonged anti ageing effect.

How do I know how much Filler I need?

The type and amount of Dermal Fillers that one requires depends upon the area need to be treated and the loss of volume in the particular area.
At Dermaone Clinic, our Dermatologists make a detailed evaluation of the person’s facial anatomy and customise the Dermal Fillers as per the area that needs to be treated and the kind of effect desired.

What are advantages of Dermal Fillers?

  • Improving the contour and volumise the face making it look more young and radiant.
  • Instant results with almost zero downtime.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Painless.
  • Safe and reversible.

What are the Side effects?

  • Mild bruising and swelling
  • Small bumps may rarely happen due to overdeposition of the dermal filler.

What is procedure time and longevity?

It takes less than an hour and the results usually last for 1-1.5 years.