Earlobe Repair

Earlobe Repair

Ear piercing can cause stretching, tearing and keloid scarring on earlobes. Also because of it’s position the piercing area can widen creating a large gap which is clearly visible. But with DermaOne’s earlobe repair treatment you will not be facing any such problem.

What are the Types of earlobe repair?

  • Partial
  • Complete
  • Multiple

What are Causes of Cleft in earlobes?

  • Heavy earrings
  • Pore piercing technique
  • Sudden pull on the earring
  • Entanglement in hair brushes and clothing

What is Procedure of earlobe repair?

It is a simple procedure in which inner side of elongated edges are freshened up and sealed back together. It can be done with or without preservation of piercing site.

What is the post procedure care in earlobes?

  • Keep the area dry and clean
  • Sutures are removed after 5-7 days

What are the desired results earlobes?

  • The torn earlobe is repaired and scar is barely perceptible.

What are the Precautions in earlobe repair?

  • Not suitable for patients prone to keloid formation.

What are the Prevention of earlobe tear?

  • Avoid wearing heavy earrings for long time
  • Use proper piercing techniques
  • Avoid wearing earrings while sleeping
  • Avoid repeated pulling of earring as a habit